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Why exists and how it is different.

Getting started

First steps with and interacting with other users.


Posting to from other apps and services.

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Managing and customising your website.


Share your photos with other users.


Create and publish your own short-form podcast.

Cross-posting to other social networks

Integrate with other social networks while still owning your content.

Connecting external sites to works great with existing blogs.


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Community resources


Join our indie microblogging community to share tips and ask questions.


If you’ve found a bug, you can submit an issue on GitHub.

The blog of founder, Manton Reece.


Follow @news on for service updates and product announcements.


Send questions to @help on

A community-maintained resource.

Today I Learned

A guide to the latest features in by Simon Woods.

Customizing Micro.Blog

Tutorials on creating custom themes and more by Miraz Jordan.