Timeline display rules

Micro.blog follows a few rules when processing your RSS or JSON Feed into microblog posts to show in the timeline:

  • If the post has no title and is 280 characters or less, the text is shown directly in the Micro.blog timeline.
  • If the post has no title and is over 280 characters, the text is truncated with a link back to the full post on your site.
  • If there’s a title and it looks like a date or number, Micro.blog ignores it, as if there were no title. It then tries to show the text in the timeline.
  • If there’s a title but the entire post text is actually just a photo, it uses the title but also shows the photo inline. If there is a title, text, and photo, only the title is shown and linked back to your site.

For any other kind of post with a title, the title is shown in the timeline with a link back to the full post on your web site. Micro.blog displays your domain name when it needs to append a link to your post.

Micro.blog counts characters for the text version of your post, excluding the extra characters used in any HTML tags.

Allowed HTML tags

Micro.blog removes some HTML from blog posts before displaying them in the timeline. The following HTML elements are currently supported:

  • a, span, b, i, img, strong, em, div, p, br, blockquote, ul, ol, li, code, pre, audio, video, source

And these attributes are allowed on certain elements:

  • a: href, title, class
  • span: style, class
  • img: src, style, class, width, height, alt
  • audio: src, controls
  • video: src, controls, width, height, preload, poster, alt, playsinline, style, class
  • source: src, type

For style, only these CSS property names are allowed:

  • width, height, max-width, max-height, min-width, min-height, border
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This doesn’t seem to work. My timeline is showing the entirety of every post, making it too long. How do I change it?

There’s a known issue with the timeline where sometimes longer posts are not truncated right away, but then the timeline should refresh a couple minutes l later to be correct. Does that sound like what happened for you? I’m working on a fix. If you see anything similar, feel free to forward a screenshot to help@micro.blog and I can make sure to address it.

I figured it out. It was the theme. When I switched themes, it was working properly.

I just closed this topic to comments, because it’s an official help document. It must have been accidentally re-opened for comments. Sorry for any confusion. If you have more questions about this, please start a new topic. cc: @manton @help