What's next? — early 2024 edition

I’ve been on a roll over the last week working through stability and backend improvements. I have a little extra time to work on related improvements around feeds, cross-posting, fediverse, and blog hosting before I resume work on a larger new feature we have planned.

Anything in the backlog of requests that people would like to see us focus on in the short term? Maybe something that has been particularly annoying or that gets in the way of using Micro.blog?

I’ll close this topic after a few days. Just want to get a snapshot of what people are thinking about right now.

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This is a tiny thing, but would improve theme development workflow (at least for me).

I use a custom theme, which has the codebase stored in Github. When I update my theme locally and push the updates to Github, I then always come to this view and click the “refresh” button to make sure my theme is up to date on micro.blog.

As far as I know, this does not launch site rebuild, although maybe it could (one needs to go to account/logs view and then rebuild the site)?

Like said, this is a tiny thing really, but would smoothen out the development workflow a bit I think.

Not sure though, if this has been intentional (not rebuilding immediately). So maybe there’s a good reason why it is like it is :blush:


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Here are a few things, in no particular order:

  • non-scrolling left sidebar in the timeline view.
  • support for drag-and-drop of images in “new post” view.
  • option to “always show categories” in “new post” view.
  • formatting toolbar or easy-to-access markdown formatting in “new post” view.
  • move up “Replies” closer to “Mentions” in left sidebar.
  • allow images in replies.
  • private message count not reflecting actual messages (currently count=4, actual=1).
  • newsletters, once generated and sent, should be made available a webpages with an index page (something along what we have for podcasts / transcripts).

That’s it for now.

There are plenty of suggestions in the Micro.blog Feature Requests thread. That’s why it was created :slight_smile:

Here are a few from me:

  • Adding the toggle to see a timeline sans replies on the Timeline sidebar
  • Add the Embed and Bookmark buttons in the Conversation view as well.
  • Allow to either edit a post only for the newsletter or support the <div class="img-gallery"> tag in the newsletter

Post-by-post cross-posting choices in the web & mobile apps as well as the Mac apps.

But also, maybe take some time that could be spent on dev and use it to really clarify all the equity stuff folks have been asking for for a while.

holy shit. I had no idea that refresh button worked and would allow me to use GitHub as the source of truth for my theme…

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We have that on the iOS app-- the gear has the list of places you’re cross posting and it can be changed there as you post. I think it’s not yet on Mac though.

Good catch, that’s a bug. It looks like it only republishes your site if the theme is configured as a plug-in, so you could re-add the repo as a plug-in if you want and it would work. (Although plug-ins are tied to a specific blog and can’t be shared across multiple blogs currently.)

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I’m aware of the feature requests thread. :slightly_smiling_face: I do read everything there, but I was curious what was on people’s mind right now, things that really need to be bumped up the priority queue.

Embed/Bookmark in conversations is a good easy win, I think.

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Per-post cross-posting choices are in the Mac app, just a little hidden. View menu → Cross-posting.

Cool. It’s meant for you to dip your toes in whenever you are curious about what the community needs. I’ve stopped posting (err…asking) in that thread but do point it out to the new folks.

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On the newsletter pages, I did start work on that recently. I was holding it until new newsletter options were ready, but I think I’m going to split it off so that it can be available sooner. Thanks!

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One more request but dunno if it is a small/quick fix or not.

  • Downloading the image from Glass or even Letterboxd auto-posts via RSS and linking to a local copy instead of hotlinking it to the source.

Not small but I really do want to do that still.

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  • Daily frequency for newsletters
  • Option to manually truncate individual long posts on the home page, possibly implemented as a plug-in. Implementation should be similar to Wordpress, where you drop in a short code on a separate line — [more] or something like that — and the post breaks on the home page at that point.
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Thanks for the plugin! If we set a custom header to the newsletter, the index page could include it as a header text.

I’d give a +1 to the embed/bookmark in conversation view, and to the sticky left menu bar. And I’d add a request for a character count when editing posts and replies.

You know what would be particularly awesome? If you added the ability to follow hashtags in ActivityPub/Mastodon. Once that’s added I’d be very satisfied with the AP integration.


One more bug and one request in case you are still accepting them:

  1. You cannot remove the title from a post via the iOS app
  2. Send a ping to the user if they are mentioned in a macro post (not appearing in the timeline).

I finally remembered the thing I wanted to ask for-- the webmention view I think we discussed elsewhere, so that I can see webmentions without having to implemented conversation js or similar just inside of MB like I can see replies.

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