Podcast transcripts

Micro.blog Premium includes podcast hosting. When you upload an MP3, Micro.blog now automatically generates a text transcript using OpenAI. If there are any transcripts, a new Transcripts option in the sidebar will be visible to show and edit your transcripts.

When you create a blog post that links to that MP3 with an audio tag (which Micro.blog on the web will do automatically for you), Micro.blog will associate the transcript with the blog post. By default, it will also include a link to the transcript from the published blog post.

Options to control this feature are available by installing the plug-in “Transcripts”. From the plug-in’s settings, you can disable transcription or disable the blog post transcript link.

With the plug-in installed, a new page at /transcripts/ will be added to your blog. To include a link in your navigation to this page, create a new Page in Micro.blog with the value as the full URL to the transcripts page.

For custom Hugo themes, a new “transcript” file path is added to a blog post’s front matter. You can use this path from a template to add your own link to the podcast transcript.

There are a few limitations for transcription:

  • Micro.blog podcasts only use MP3 files.
  • Audio files must be 15 minutes or less to be transcribed. Longer audio files will be skipped with a message in Account → View logs.
  • Only 1 episode can be processed for transcription each day.

I have no idea what those instructions mean. Could you add an example for each please, perhaps with screenshot?


Sorry, my description was a little light on details. Here’s an example of what creating a new page that links to the transcripts page looks like (assuming the plug-in is installed, since that is what actually creates the transcripts page):

Usually nothing special will be needed from a Hugo theme or plug-in. If you do want to access the new transcripts field, it looks like this in a template:

Transcript is here: <a href="{{ .Params.transcript }}">click here</a>

I’m also going to close this page to comments since I meant for it to just be a standalone help page, and we can follow up in other topics for specific questions.