Micro.blog Feature Requests

@jsonbecker, are you talking to me or someone else? It’s hard to tell who’s replying to who in this UI :confused:.

Assuming you mean me, I know that cross-posts are supported, but I don’t see any way to configure my Micro.blog to repost/boost the ActivityPub post on my Mastodon account.

For clarity, @dotproto@toot.cafe is my main Mastodon account. I have my Micro.blog account set to publish activity pub posts to @sim@dotproto.com. I also have configured Micro.blog to cross-post to @dotproto@toot.cafe. The problem with this setup is that if people reply to my Mastodon account’s post, those comments won’t appear on my blog.

@dotproto yup, to you. Using the reply without “@” is a bit more subtle in the interface of Discourse.

I’m not sure if there’s an easy way around that-- the cross post to another Mastodon account does not have some connection back to your original blog post in any way. It just looks like a post on Mastodon. I think if you have a link back to your canonical URL, it would (maybe?) result in a web mention (might need something like bridgy) to make that appear like a comment. Otherwise, the cross-posted version of your content has no connection whatsoever to the canonical post to pull in replies there. That’s actually a fairly good reason to not use cross posting over using the “native” ActivityPub stream-- that will result in mentions showing up.

Feature: Option for Long Posts with no titles in Filters
Description: As @amit once said, thinking of titles adds friction to your blogging flow. Most of my macro posts are now without titles. But I can’t make use the filters feature for these posts.


@manton Any timeline on implementing the URL and slug changes per my previous post. I’d love to finally have control over how URLs are constructed, as the current implementation is really awkward.


No timeline yet, sorry. It’s on my mind, though.


Feature: Truncate posts on the Timeline with more than 3 or 4 photos.
Description: I love seeing peoples photos but occasionally someone will add a whole load of photos to their posts. That means a lot of scrolling in a full Timeline. In the same way that text posts with more than 300 characters are truncated, I suggest a similar approach for photos: display the first few but then have a More link of some kind to see the rest.


OMG! Yes! I wish I could find older posts by name so that I can link to them from new post. I wish I could find the images I know I already uploaded but can’t because the platform uses human antagonistic randomly generated files name.


Expect some progress soon on the randomly generated upload names. It was not meant to be a permanent naming system and has probably stuck around too long.


You mean like working hashtags on ActivityPub/mastodon? Cause I want that.

Feature : “Infinite” Timeline Scrolling
Description : Allow for autoloading of new posts when getting near the end of the page. Have this working on desktop and mobile app. Ability to turn off this feature (if possible) for the people who don’t like change. Would have some actual limit on how far you could go back like 3 or 7 days.



I think we’re talking about different things.

You can have Micro.blog follow your Mastodon RSS feed as a source and repost on M.b, which is great.

This is how I would prefer managing my posting and use Micro.blog as my public-facing repository site, if that makes sense. No matter what happens to your Mastodon account, your instance, etc., you’ve always got your post history. But I won’t do it for two reasons:

  1. When you use hashtags on Mastodon, they transfer over to your Micro.blog post, and they do nothing. They’re just sort of an annoyance you have to remove (or I feel compelled to remove).
  2. When I post photos on Mastodon, Micro.blog does not import them, but instead just links to them. So if you close your mastodon account, migrate, your instance goes down/quits, then you’re SOL in terms of your hotlinked photos. They’re just gone.
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Feature: Per-post cross-posting options are more visible and available in all apps
Description: Enable users to easily select cross-post targets per post to support POSSE on a more granular level.
Link to original post: Selecting cross-posting options for individual posts


Feature: Add the Micro.blog Timeline as one of the cross-posting options.
Description: I wish we can pick and choose when we want to share certain posts on the Micro.blog timeline. I still want them on my main blog. Or I can choose to cross-post them elsewhere. Deleting the Micro.blog feed from the feeds page has been offered as a solution previously but this is an all-or-nothing option.


Feature: Add books to yearly reading goal shelf without posting to Micro.blog.
Description: Some of my reading I don’t want to publicize widely, but I’d like a record of it on a page that can’t be commented on, like my Reading page.


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Yes please … i have just stopped cross posting at all … too hard.

Feature: Better Management Of Categories
Description: Please improve how we present, filter, manage categories across all apps. At minimum on the web, so at least there is somewhere. Not a real issue for 5 or 6 categories - but at 50/60 - it is close to impossible.
Looking to filter and sort and define a preferred way of how categories are presented anywhere ales you see them.


Just curious: What kinds of posts do you not want to have on the micro.blog timeline?

It can be something very specific to work that I want to cross-post to Mastodon. Currently, I just post it there but now, I don’t have it archived on my blog.

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I wonder if you refuse to design any Micro.camp stickers, this may get implemented sooner :upside_down_face: