Micro.blog Feature Requests

Since Micro.blog does not have a public roadmap or list of features that others have requested over the years, I will use this thread to list my requests as separate posts. You can :heart: a post if you, too want the feature. Hopefully, the more the :heart:s, the more popular the request ergo developers know what can/should be prioritized.

Feel free to also add your requests as a new Reply on this Topic and same rules regarding :heart: will apply.


Feature: Timeline Sync
Description: syncs the Micro.blog timeline across devices and apps, including the web so readers can scroll up when they return to Micro.blog instead of the current behavior of refreshing and then scrolling down to where they think they left off.


Feature: Offer a Copy Markdown on the Uploads photos page
Description: In addition to Copy HTML, also offer the option for Copy Markdown on the web (exists on the iOS app)


Feature: More tools for managing uploads
Description: Add more tools to manage uploads such as filters for date, file type, file name, and any other kind of metadata that Micro.blog can track.


Manton already acknowledged this, but just so others know about it…

Feature: URL and slug control
Description: Add the ability to customize the slug at time of posting, preferably using frontmatter but also with an option for those using the web or apps. Also either include include the option to drop the .html extension, or disable across the board.


Feature: A back to top button on the web app.
Description: It would help the web app to be able to quickly jump back to the top and then click the new posts banner at the top.


Indeed! Also, because Micro.Blog renames all the files to random character strings it can be almost impossible to re-use an upload.


Scroll to the top is built-in in most browsers. On iOS, tap the top of the screen. On macOS, click the top of the scroll bar or press Command–Up Arrow on the keyboard. It works similarly on other operating systems and devices, but the keyboard shortcuts will differ.


Feature: Appearance override
Description: In the official apps, allow overriding the system light/dark mode. This would be great as a toggle in the web version as well.


Feature: Remember Posting Display Options.
Description: On the web view, if I choose to Show Categories and Show Cross-Posting, it should continue/remember to display them when I click on New Post next time. Change to Hide Categories and Hide Cross-Posting when those are shown.


Feature: Add cross-posting options in the new post window of the iOS app
Description: Show cross-posting options to check or uncheck in the Gear icon menu in addition to categories and publish status.


I reuse uploads all the time - BUT - it’s the finding of them that is a BIG problem - and this would go a long way to solving this … not just URL, but also ‘Name’, Description - and heh - maybe even ‘alt text’ so that when you ‘copy markdown’ - the alt text is prepopulated.


Feature: Persistent header and footer for newsletters
Description: Set a permanent “wrapping” around the posts – an intro paragraph at the top, at the least, and optimally a “thanks for reading, here’s how to contact me” at the end.
Link to original post: Email newsletter subscriptions - #27 by cygnoir


Feature: Name pronunciation field on profiles
Description: Add a name pronunciation guide field to users’ profile pages on Micro.blog.
Link to original post: Suggestion: Name pronunciation guide field on profile pages


Feature: Add an indicator to a post on the Mac app whether it has comments or not.
Description: This is similar to the Conversation link on the web under the post. The indicator can be a similar text or an icon on top right like in Gluon.


This would be fantastic on the iOS app as well.


Feature: Add option to remove hashtags when importing posts from an RSS feed.
Description: Hashtags in posts originating from posts on other services are useless in Micro.blog and often link to the other service. Additionally, it’s possible to selectively post to Micro.blog with hash tags on other services. It would be helpful to have the option to remove these when posts are pulled from an RSS feed.

Feature: Pull in photos from Mastodon as local files instead of linking.
Description: When posting to Micro.blog from a Mastodon RSS feed, the photos are linked and not local. This causes issues when changing instances or stopping a service altogether.


Feature: Add ability to add a title in mobile client even if post is below the length threshold.
Description: Using either the gear icon (already present) or a “view” option (like the mac app), present the option to add a title to the post.

Note: some have suggested a workaround of adding text until the post is long enough to force a title, then adding a title, then removing the extraneous text. This does not consistently work for me.


Feature: Allow users to control whether to repost or cross-post on ActivityPub accounts.
Description: It’s awesome that Micro.blog supports cross-posting and that micro.blog posts are automatically posted on the Fediverse. It would be even better if Micro.blog allowed users to control whether the Mastodon integration cross-posts (today’s behavior) or reposts the Micro.blog ActivityPub post. This would help ensure that replies to the post on my Mastodon account show up as a discussion on blog post.


Can you say more? You already have both of these options-- cross posting to a different registered account and/or a Micro.blog based ActivityPub stream.