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Is it possible to change the description a.k.a the bio on each blog individually? For example, I have three blogs, one I would like to say something different to the first. To be clear this is the text I am talking about

Also, is it possible to change the fav icon on a per blog basis?


Much appreciated

That’s an interesting idea.

I’d like to have something similar where it would allow for .Site.description to be set for every site. Currently it uses “follow @username on”.

Please add this to the Feature Request thread.

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This is possible with a custom theme to change the config, but I agree it really should be easier to change. I was thinking maybe if we had a couple plug-ins that changed this that would be a good solution.

I’ll work on this and also write up some documentation for changing it yourself.

Fantastic, thanks :slight_smile:

I could prob do it with a custom theme but with Hugo I have no idea where to start and would ideally like to keep Tiny theme.

I should explain a little more, because I realized it’s not obvious what I meant when I said “custom theme”. can essentially merge multiple themes together, so you can make a custom theme or plug-in that only overrides one thing from your main theme.

Here are the basic steps. Will write up more documentation later:

  • Click Design → Edit Custom Themes → New Plug-in.
  • Give it a name like “Custom about text”, the URL can be blank.
  • Create a new template in the plug-in named “config.json”.
  • For the content of the template, use something like this:
  "params": {
    "description": "This is new text to use instead of the 'follow me' text.",
    "itunes_description": "This is the 'about me' text. Yes, it's named badly."
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That worked an absolute treat. Thank you so much.