Selecting cross-posting options for individual posts

From what I’ve understood, setting cross-posting options are per feed basis. Separate feeds can have different cross-post “targets”. Is this the case?

I’m wondering, would it be possible to have a feature to select cross-post targets for individual posts from the new post page itself? Or what would be the best approach here? There are plenty of cases when I’d like to cross-post something to Mastodon and LinkedIn, but not on Medium. Then another post would be great fit for Medium cross-posting, but I would not like to cross-post that to LinkedIn.

Can I use categories to work around this or what would be the ideal approach?


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That’s right, it’s per feed. We’ve long needed better control over this at the post level. If you want to use categories, you can remove the main feed from your account and instead add category feeds. But there is a big limitation to keep in mind: currently does not like it when the same post appears in multiple feeds on your account. Routing the post to Mastodon, Medium, etc. will require more attention to make sure that a post doesn’t go into multiple categories. The rest of and the timeline will still work, but cross-posting won’t work consistently in that case.


Thanks for the quick reply! That makes sense. It’s not such a big deal for me, I can also repost manually when needed. But good to know how those things work in this context.


I’d love to see this somehow implemented on the compose screen, I think that makes the most sense. I’ve thought of trying to set up category feeds, but that introduces the problem of not being able to easily cross-post to multiple places unless I already had a feed and category set up.

While the inability to easily control cross-posting has bothered me for quite a while now, I’m starting to really re-think whether cross-posting makes as much sense as it used to. On my WordPress blog I can control cross-posting, but I almost always disable the option for LinkedIn --I probably spend more time turning it off than I would just going to vinkedIn and re-posting manually.

Anyway, I’m glad this topic has come up again because I think it’s something we really should find a way to be more easily able to do.

Update: Manton Reece - Adding per-post cross-posting to

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There’s a screenshot on that post that doesn’t look like my new post screen in 2.9 for Mac. I don’t see any cross-posting options along the bottom of the new post screen.

Do they appear if, with the new post screen open, you;

→ go to the Mac menu
→ click View
→ click Cross-posting?

Yes, but do I have to select that each time, or will it be persistent across new posts?

It doesn’t persist, no. The feature is still very much in its first version.

The good thing for us on the Mac and web is, when improvements are made it is most likely the Mac and web apps will be first to get them.

Currently none of those view options (cross-posting, categories) persist across posts. One thing that can help a little is setting up a keyboard shortcut to show it… For example, I personally use command-option-c to show the categories pane.

Keyboard shortcuts are buried in the macOS System Settings, but mine looks like this for example:

I set that same keyboard shortcut to show cross-posting in the app and it works great. Thanks! Is there a way to do that for iOS as well?

Great! No, nothing similar on iOS yet. In the new iOS version we should add some more shortcuts. We used to have a few, just for the basics.