Micro.blog Feature Requests

Better searching and more emoji options. As I spend more time looking at discovery I’m finding that it is woefully inadequate. From the limits to searching to the emoji categories. There are so few options. Incorporating Burk’s list would be a start but even with those added it would be limited.


Low priority request. We should allows for easily linking between the books we read and the post we write about them.

As soon as I wrote that, I realized it might be a big ask because it makes assumptions that whatever post that you are going to write would be posted on that day and doesn’t help if the URL structure gets changed, etc., etc.

Still, I like it as idea. Feel free to add it to the someday/maybe or not.


Remove notice for Mastodon messages once read:

Could we have some indication of when Plugin Updates are available? I’m thinking of something like the Publishing Latest Changes thingy. It would need to allow for updates that are being ignored — I have an update for the Marfa theme I no longer use and don’t see a way to remove.


Feature: Crosspost emoji->hashtag Converter
Description: similar to the auto-category page, create one that takes an emoji as input and a hashtag as output. When crossposting is enabled, these reformat those items.

I like the emoji tags on micro.blog, but most crossposting locations still use hashtags, and this will allow our POSSE to better work in those ecosystems while simultaneously keeping micro.blog less “noisy”.

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I have to be honest, I like the friction of having to press the button. Infinite scrolling is, in my eyes, a dark pattern. But I do like to be able to give people the option. However, I think, for now, the button is better suited – and there would have to be some changes on the web to make that happen (including the app). Some apps, like Gluon, will auto load as far as possible :sweat_smile:


This will be in the 3.1 release. You’ll be able to choose which service you want to cross-post to each time you create a new post. However, it will always cross-post to the MB timeline – so this is strictly just for third-parties, like Mastodon (if set-up), Bluesky etc etc.


Timeline sync :scream:

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I’ve added this to the official app and will be available in the 3.1 update. Thanks!


Feature: Threaded Replies
Description: Following a conversation gets very tricky once more than one person is replying to a post. I’d love to see a better interface (even if it’s basically a copy of other social network designs) for threaded conversations so that I can see the context of what a post is replying to.


Yes please.

Yes, what please? Click on the :heart: on the post for each feature you want

Feature: Have Follow links be set like anchor tags (?)
Description: I noticed that when I click “Follow” while going thru a list, the page scrolls back up to the top. Hoping that clicking it just lets me stay in my scroll spot so I can continue down the list as normal :sweat_smile:


done! - I added the exclamation mark - since you can’t replay with less than 5 character :slight_smile:

I have clarified a little more re my category request.

Feature: Keyboard navigation in feed
Description: keyboard navigation for web view of feed. ideally these would follow the loose standards of RES/freshRSS/etc., – at the very least j/k for next and previous feed item.


Feature: ActivityPub Omission Indicator
Description: when Micro.blog isn’t showing a full activitypub post (such as missing media content or a poll), instead include some marker. Reason: some posts it’s non-obvious when something is missing, as if the writer just was being strange. This would make it clear we need to leave Micro.blog to get the full story.

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Feature: Improved “Replies” Detection
Description: Micro.blog misses when activitypub posts are part of a reply-thread, but it doesn’t miss when somebody creates a thread on their own posts in Micro.blog. That suggests to me it might be looking at an attributed like “starting with @” rather than seeing if it is a reply to another post? I’m not sure the plumbing, but there isn’t parity, today. The impact of this is when folks have replies (or non-follower replies) turned off in the timeline, they still get some replies, but not others.


Feature: View posts only on user’s profile
Description: Every time I visit someone’s profile, all I see is a slew of replies to conversations with no context. This makes it very difficult to look through their profile to see the kind of things they post about and whether I’d like to follow them. I think Mastodon’s solution is elegant where it offers 2 tabs; one for posts only and another that shows all activity.


Feature: Include cross-posting options when editing a draft or scheduled post.
Description: I use Ulysses to edit and publish my daily ephemera posts (vintage photos, memes, tweets, and other Internet found media). Ulysses doesn’t let me schedule post or customize cross-posting options. Which is OK, because I just publish the post from Ulysses as a draft, and use micro.blog to schedule the post. However, I’m unable at that point to customize cross-posting options, which is something I want to do, because I want to exclude that post from cross-posting to Tumblr.