One thing that’s really hard right now for me is following people. Basically I have to follow people one by one and I have a list - either from mastodon or from my RSS reader.

Is there a way - using even a script or something - to mass follow people? Mass follow seems wrong but basically I’d like to be able to import a whole list of people instead following them one by one.

There’s not a good way to do that right now. I do plan to add importing from Mastodon’s following export file, though, which will make it easier to move people from Mastodon to It would also be possible to write a script using’s API to follow users if you know their username.

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These are awesome news, thank you for considering it.

Would you be able to pinpoint the time estimate? Rather this month? This quarter? This half of the year?

Soon. For the Mastodon improvements, I’m working on several things that should roll out within the month, but not sure in which order:

  • Import following data from Mastodon export.
  • Add profile image banners to Mastodon-compatible accounts on
  • Enable ActivityPub support for all existing users (with opt-out).
  • Shorten @-mentioned usernames to not include domain name when viewed on Mastodon.

I know some of this is off-top but it helped me to write down the in-progress list. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your work on this and for providing the list of upgrades.

Within the one-month timeframe, are you also planning to support longer posts on Mastodon–500 character rather than 280?

I’ve been thinking about keeping a 500-character copy of posts to use when sending cross-posts to Mastodon, but I don’t know when or if that will happen. Need to experiment a little to understand if it’s even a good idea. It seemed like a good idea, but the inconsistency could also make things more confusing than they already are.


Quick question - when some of this stuff comes out - where I’m gonna see the changelog or announcement? I want to track myself when I’m gonna be able to import followers instead of checking this thread every couple days:)

I’ve been posting changes to Currently, if you follow @news it only includes the “most important” highlights from changes, but I’m thinking about changing that to include everything so it’s easier to stay up to date.

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Just as an archive: Support import from Mastodon - #5 by manton

Done, thank you!