Support import from Mastodon

It would be really neat if supported importing posts from Mastodon, especially when considering that Mastodon itself strangely doesn’t support their own post export being brought in. Better yet, adding an RSS import in general like Substack has would work for that and more.

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This has been discussed on the timeline. Adding it here as well for anyone stumbling upon this thread.

Shouldn’t be a problem to add support for that. I’ll work on it.


What would be really, really great is some kind of Twitter import.

If this could let me essentially export my Twitter follows and follow/refollow with my that would be huge.

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Just gonna bump it up with another request - Mastodon let’s you export your follows
in .csv file looking like this:

It would be great if I would be able to import this to so I can read their posts in my timeline. Because adding this manually, one by one, is going to take ages.

1 Like now supports exporting and import the Mastodon follows CSV file format. It’s under Account → View Mastodon Details.


Slightly(?) related, and also looking at a similar feature available for Twitter, I wonder whether could support importing a Mastodon full archive (including posts and media)? At the moment, I’m able to export these in Mastodon but they don’t really serve a good purpose other than backing things up.

Absolutely, we’ve been meaning to add full Mastodon posts import. I’ll be working on that.


Cool, thanks very much.