Where to file bugs

We have a number of places to submit feedback or ask questions, and now that the native apps have been open-sourced there are new places on GitHub as well. The guide below will hopefully point you in the right direction. When in doubt, just post a question wherever is the most convenient for you!

help@micro.blog: This is a good default, especially for account-specific questions.

help.micro.blog: This is great for starting discussions, documenting how Micro.blog works, or asking questions that could benefit multiple people.

micro.blog/help: You can @-mention @help for quick questions that probably have a simple answer. Anything more involved that might need a back-and-forth discussion is better over email.

GitHub issues: We’ve long had a general repository that is just for filing issues about Micro.blog. Now that the native apps have their own repositories, this general issues repo can be used mostly for the larger web platform. Similar to email, it’s a good default bucket for filing bugs.

GitHub iOS: I’ll be moving older iOS issues into this repository over time. That way they can be more easily tracked along with potential open source contributions. This is really what’s “new” and prompted me to write this up.

GitHub macOS: Same for macOS using this repository.

GitHub Sunlit: Photo-related issues that are specific to Sunlit can also be filed on GitHub.

Again, there are no strict rules about where something goes, but as we grow we’ll use these separate places to manage bug reports. Thanks!

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