Webmentions best practices

I found several webmentions related discussions on this forum here, here, and here. However, I’m still bit confused on how to best take advantage of them in my own micro.blog hosted blog.

My current theme is a fork of Marfa. Regular micro.blog replies show up after a post just fine, but (with the help of Webmentions), I’d also be interested to see the following use cases work in similar fashion:

  • If I’ve cross-posted my micro.blog entry via my Twitter account → see the comments on that tweet among the replies under that specific post
  • The same behaviour for comments on other cross-posts, for example: Mastadon, Medium and LinkedIn
  • Third, if someone mentions this post in their blog (WordPress based or other), that would also been shown in the replies section for my post

Is some of this functionality baked in already in micro.blog hosted blogs (in themes via conversations.js?) or what would be the best practices in making webmentions work the best?

I’d love to see some examples on how other micro.blog users have implemented this on their blogs, or maybe even a “webmentions & micro.blog for dummies” type of post here on help forum :smiley:

Any good blog posts or videos about the subject, anyone?


Good idea about some kind of guide. I’ve heard that our support for Bridgy may have broken this week… That is what you’ll need to bring teeet replies back into your blog. I’m looking into that.

For replies from those other services, I don’t think there’s a good best practice for that yet.

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Thanks @manton! I’ll need to check Bridgy. Thanks for looking into that issue, if that turns out to be a case.

Twitter & webmentions alone would be great, I wouldn’t really need the others at this point anyway :blush: