WebMentions. Again. Sorry

Is the WebMention plugin from Matthias Pfefferle still the best to use? It was when I installed it a while back - and now I am once more back on the case, wondering if there is anything else people think I should be using?

Asking, because his last update was ‘over a year ago’ AND when I installed it it was working with MicroBlog. Now it seems not. (Still wrestling with why that would be … but checking before I sink to much time into something that has been improved elswhere.)

I noticed this post mentioning Bridgy being broken - not sure it is relevant to me. Does that simplify?

My 99.99% use case is to have webmentions work between my MicroBlog hosted domain and my Wordpress hosted domain.

Hi John,
Caveat I don’t have a micro.blog hosted domain. My micro.blog is just content from my WordPress blog’s RSS feed.
The webmention plug-in is working for me;
this post was commented on in micro.blog, that sent a webmention which was added to the post as a comment. I replied in the micro.blog app, or site, and that reply went to my sites as a comment too.

If you are just thinking about micro.blog I don’t think you need bridgy. It brings in replies and likes from other services, Twitter, mastodon, Flickr etc.