Uploads File Search?

Continuing my exploration of using Micro.blog as my one and only hosting platform, I’m curious about the possibility of adding a search function to the Uploads page? I host a variety of files on my current site that I end up referencing again and again. With the current setup, it looks like I’d need to page back through history to find an earlier upload. I suppose I could just keep a text file with the direct links, but that only works if I know ahead of time that I’m going to keep referencing an image/video/file.

I like what was suggested here with filtering options in additon to search:

Yes, we have the photo/video filtering now, but not a search box. What would you want to search on, just anywhere in the URL path, or some other data connected with the upload?

Mostly the URL path I think, since that would include the file’s name. By month or year would probably be handy too.

That makes sense to me. Thanks.