Folders of pages?

I’m exploring what it would take to migrate my current Blot site over to I have some projects that work best (and that I’d like to keep) as a group of pages rather than blog posts. For example, my Lists and Shortcuts Library.

I don’t want to have a ginourmous list of pages in my account settings to try to work around. Is there any way to group a set of pages into a folder?

I can accept creating/updating pages through that interface (though I’d be interested in an API method where I could publish a page like I could publish a blog post), but with potentially dozens of pages I think it would be overwhelming and tedius to manage in one long list.

Pages can be made over the API (I use Mars Edit to edit some pages, for example). Pages don’t have to be in your nav either. You can then build pages that link to pages all you want. For example, I haven’t linked my letters page yet, because I’m not sure what I want it to be. That’s custom built into my template to collect posts with that category, but you can do it for other things too. I’d probably go that route for the pages you linked – custom pages that collect posts with a specific category and with it’s own format.

@jsonbecker @jarrod I had no idea about this. Does this work with a third party app like Ulysses/Drafts, and how does one make a page this way instead of a post?

Here’s some info from a recent thread Endpoint for creating Pages

I’m sure anyone writing against the API could implement it. I don’t know who has.

The API is good news! I suppose I should have known there was a method since MarsEdit can do it.

Grouping blog posts is also something I known is possible through filtering categories, but the pages I’m thinking of aren’t blog posts, they’re more akin to ‘About’ or ‘Now’ pages. But lots.

I guess the nut of what I’m thinking about here is more about the presentation of pages in the backend. I already have a pretty long list of pages there, and if I added dozens of shortcuts pages (like this and this), it would be pretty hard to organize/manage.

Pages have categories (or can) and are just .Site.Pages.type not “post” essentially (or something like that).

They’re easy to collect in all the same ways and can have their own custom templates.

Although for what you want, it’d honestly probably be easier to make them posts with a category excluded from your feed and index archive and timeline etc and collected on a page v, making them pages.

For example, I decided to make my now page a category post and a special category template because I wanted a history of my now pages and it’s really easy to do something like display the full content of only the latest Now post and setup a URL redirect.