Unlocking Domain for Transfer Away

Howdy, I am trying to reclaim a domain I transferred to Micro blog. The reason why is that importing an old blog into Micro Blog failed, and it’s just easier to re-direct the old domain name to the old blog site. I still plan to make my new home on Micro Blog as a Premium user, but I would like someone, anyone at Micro Blog headquarters to unlock my domain so Squarespace can pick it up.

I’ve sent several emails to help@micro.blog without response. We are also past the mandatory wait time to transfer a domain. Squarespace’s deadline for unlocking the domain is May 25th, so…

I appreciate the assistance and I promise to not do this again (if that helps).

Miguel Guhlin

suggest you tag @manton

Sorry for the long delay. I’m following up in email today and will get this sorted out!

Awesome, thanks!