Troubleshooting my custom domain

Hello all, happy new year.

I’m trying to configure my custom domain using the Help Center instructions.

I’d like to point to As such, I added the following records earlier:

When I try to add to the field in the Design tab, it’s currently saying: “Your custom domain isn’t pointed to yet. Configure your DNS first. DNS changes may take a while to propagate, so check back later.”

Have I set the records up correctly?

I’ve also emailed, but I thought I’d also share it here in case there’s a quick fix - I’m hoping to get this resolved today. Thank you :pray:

Happy new year! :partying_face:

If I understand you correctly, the root domain is not going to change? It should still point to your other website (not In that case, you don’t need the A record.

Regarding the CNAME record, it looks like you’ve mixed up the order. It should be:

Record type    Host                      Value
CNAME Record
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That’s correct, @sod. And thank you so much! I’ve just deleted the A Record I didn’t need, and also switched those ‘Host’ and ‘Value’ entries around… that’ll probably be why it’s not been working. :upside_down_face: