Custom domains

If you host your microblog with a paid plan, consider pointing a custom domain to it. This could be something like microblog.yourdomain.comor even just Mapping a custom domain to is included free, as long as you already have your domain registered.

To get started, update your DNS record to point to Instructions for this will vary depending on your registrar, but all registrars will support 2 standard record types: “A” and “CNAME”.

A record → “”

CNAME record (“www” or “micro”) → “”

More details:

  • If you want to use a subdomain such as or, create a “CNAME” record wherever your domain is registered and use the value “” (replacing “username” with your own username).
  • If you want to use a root domain such as, create an “A” record wherever your domain is registered and use the IP address value: “”.
  • If you want both the root domain and to work, you’ll need both an “A” record for the root domain and a “CNAME” record for the “www” version. Also, enter “” in the settings in (By including “www”, will know to also enable the root domain version.)

After you’ve updated your DNS records, click on Posts → Design in on the web, then scroll down to the custom domain name field. Fill in the hostname (e.g. that you’d like to use for your site.

HTTPS can also be enabled for any custom domain. We set this up for you, but it may take up to a day for it to be ready. Please email with your custom domain if HTTPS still hasn’t been enabled.

If you need to register a new domain name, we also offer domain name registration on

Changing your Domain

As well as adding a custom domain from to, you can change to in the future. When adding a custom domain for the first time, or changing to a new one, various things may appear broken for a while:

  • None of your images will load
  • HTTPS won’t initially be enabled, so visiting your site may show an “insecure message”

Both of these are normal. Behind the scenes, we’re automatically setting everything up. Things should clear up in about 48 hours.

I see that my the CNAMEs I set up a few years ago uses instead of, is that wrong and should be changed?

No, that’s fine too. It can be

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With regards to setting up the option as opposed to just the root, is there a reason why you’d want (or need) to do this?

Every time I have come across this in documentation I have come to a conclusion of “whatever.” I went with Technically you can setup both as far as destinations, but are people still typing www?

That’s exactly it, I can’t recall the last time I typed in www. It seems archaic to me, so I’ll probably not bother setting it up. Thanks @Moondeer !

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On Changing Custom Domains:

Thanks for info that domain changes take 48h to propogate correctly.
I suspect most of the time would be spent making external changes aroudn it.
Has anyone been through the process and have any wise words about what a checklist might look like to get this fully right?
Here’s my quick ideas:

  • redirecting old posts. Do all url slugs stay the same : i.e. would I be safe to pattern redirect like old.domain/2021/04/16/post-name.html to new.domain/2021/04/16/post-name.html
  • Cross posting & feeds. Relist all feeds in Would folks RSS’d to you drop I’m guessing? (p.s. this seems like a major vulnerability with building a following of RSS subscribers, you’d have to give them lots of warning to re-sub)

Anything major I’m missing here?

can you speak to these 2 questions about changing custom domain? I’m about to make the change this weekend.

How would this work with two blogs under one username? Say I want to point at and to point at

Can report my own experience @manton:

  1. The url slugs seem to have stayed the same: haven’t noticed issues with wildcard forwarding.
  2. More pleasantly surprisingly, would seem RSS feed also works via 301 forwarding. But given that I’ll drop old domain at some point, I still feel it’s worth communicating to subs that domain’s changed.

@mikka That works just fine. When you have multiple blogs under one username, each blog gets its own URL and can have its own custom domain name, theme, etc.

Let us know you have any questions about setting up the DNS records for it. It should look something like this:

A record (for the root domain →
CNAME record “med” (for the subdomain →

As long as you have each domain name set under the Design section, will know what to do.

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It took me a long time to figure out that I needed to use the @ symbol to make it point to the root address as well.

These are my setting for the * and @ symbols as well as using IP6.

Is there an option to have a redirect from to I could not find something like that in the documentation so far.

Also, what about IPv6 records, are these possible?

Jumping in by repeating what I have left elsewhere. I am dying to find out if the IP6 addresses or the expired certificate are what trips up the Twitter card crawler:

since I just used cloudflare to control the SSL on … I thought I would do the same with after seeing that Twitter’s card crawlers require TLS 1.1. Their docs pointed me to this SSL test

There might be results cached for and … otherwise the tests don’t take long to run.

I captured a PDF of the results for before changing nameservers to cloudflare … but it seemed to check out okay as far as TLS is concerned.

What I did notice:

  • Both domains report inconsistent configuration. For, a test runs for the IP4 address and attempts for an IP6 address. For, the test runs for three IP4 addresses and attempts for their three IP6 counterparts. None of what I assume are IP6 addresses establish a connection … which I would assume is the reason both servers get the inconsistent configuration warning.
  • Also of note, there are two expired certificates in the resolution path for The third certificate resolves … but since we have no idea what is causing the Twitter card crawler issue … it seems suspicious that the second certificate just expired in late March.

My knowledge in this area is pretty limited … but there is now some form of documented resolution weirdness … and the bit about the card crawler at the end of this documentation:

Hi, @manton. I’ve noticed after changing my custom domain that all of my previous posts, when accessed via, retained the old domain and therefore are broken links.

Is there any way to regenerate them with the new domain?