Third-party apps

In addition to the official iOS app and macOS app, there is a growing list of third-party apps that work with

iOS and Android apps:

  • Gluon — Cross-platform app for iOS and Android for
  • Icro — iOS app for
  • Dialog — Android app for
  • Mimi Uploader — iOS app for fast uploading of multiple images

Writing apps that can publish to

macOS apps:

In addition, there are other tools that can post to your account and timeline:

  • MarsEdit — Full-featured native macOS blogging app.
  • IndieBookClub — Post which books you’re reading to
  • Quill — Web browser client that can post to and upload photos.
  • Omnibear — Chrome or Firefox extension for simple posting.
  • Micropublish — Another web client for posting notes or reposts.
  • OwnYourGram — Automatically posts your Instagram photos to your microblog.
  • OwnYourSwarm — Automatically posts your Swarm check-ins to your microblog. supports the Micropub API for hosted blogs. We encourage and support other developers who want to create tools for our platform.

If you have any issues connecting from a Micropub client, see our help page about OwnYourGram for tips.