Copying photos to from Instagram

Automatically posting Instagram photos.

The iOS app for is a great way to post photos to a hosted microblog. It includes photo cropping and filters, and you can publish short text posts as well as photos within the same app. We think the best experience for most blogs will be to post your photos directly with the app.

If you enable Twitter cross-posting, your photos from a microblog will also be sent to Twitter as native tweets with an embedded photo. Because of limits in Instagram’s API, however, you can’t cross-post from a blog to your Instagram account.

The service OwnYourGram can take your Instagram photos and automatically post them to a blog. OwnYourGram uses the Micropub API to upload photos to your microblog. Here are the steps to enable it:

  1. In on the web, go to Account → Edit Apps. Scroll down to “Instagram” and enter your Instagram username, then click Update.

  2. In Instagram itself, make sure to include the URL for your blog, such as OwnYourGram will use this to verify that your microblog and Instagram account are owned by the same person.

  3. In OwnYourGram, enter your microblog URL when signing up. OwnYourGram will walk you through setting up your account and publishing your first photo from Instagram.

While using OwnYourGram, you can still post photos and microblog posts separately to whenever you’d like to using the app. To disable OwnYourGram’s automatic posting, click the “Disconnect Instagram” button in the OwnYourGram dashboard.