Subdomains don't match

I am using a subdomain at the moment. But for some reason, these two don’t match: (is correct) (is wrong - has old theme, posts aren’t up to date)

Why are these two different? This is confusing - for a long time I told family & friends my blog was at, but now if they visit that url it looks like it’s out of date and dormant. Shouldn’t it be the same as, since it’s the same account?

EDIT: I changed my DNS so that goes to my, using an A record instead of a CNAME record, and that seems to have fixed it? Now if I go to it instantly goes to So maybe this is only a problem for folks using a subdomain?

Following up here too… This must’ve been a bug. It’s supposed to work for either root domains or subdomains, and automatically redirect all the URLs to the new domain. I think changing the domain name must’ve gotten it unstuck. So you could switch back to a subdomain if you want to and it should continue to work. Thanks!

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Thanks @manton! But I’m actually going to leave it as the root domain. I’ve been messing around with self-hosted Hugo and then a couple other self-hosted things, and none of it is as fun as, so I’m just having my website live here now. :slight_smile: