Micro.blog stopped posting

https://skarjune.micro.blog stopped posting for February, although the feed works to my blog domain https://blog.skarjune.ink

Only noticed this when my March Photoblogging Challenge post was ignored. So I can post to my own domain, but not to the micro.blog community?

This is a problem for a paid account. What’s wrong?

This sounds like the same problem I’m having that I posted about yesterday.

Edit: I fixed it for me by using my root domain (eilloh.net) rather than a subdomain.

Sorry about this. Micro.blog is supposed to automatically redirect the you.micro.blog version when you set up the custom domain. I’ve fixed this for skarjune.micro.blog and looks like hollie.micro.blog was already fixed when you changed the domain name.

I’ll look into why this didn’t happen and make sure we get it fixed. Thanks!

Thanks for the explanation and fix. I see it redirects to the custom domain.