Sign in with Apple version 1.7 and later on iOS 13 support Sign in with Apple. It can be used to sign in to an existing account, or to create a brand new account right from iOS.

If you have an existing account and use Sign in with Apple with the same email address, you’ll be signed in to your current account. If you pick an email address that doesn’t match the email address used in, or if you choose Apple’s private email relay, will create a new account and start a hosted blog trial for you.

A couple things to be aware of:

  • You can have multiple email addresses associated with your Apple ID. When signing in, make sure to pick the one that is used by
  • If you accidentally create a new account, you’ll want to delete itso that you can sign in to your real account.

When you use Apple’s private email forwarding, Apple gives you a unique email address that forwards to your real email address. To sign in on the web, you will need to use this email address from Apple. You can find it on your iPhone under Settings → click on your name → Password & Security → Apps Using Your Apple ID.