Sharing photos from iOS

There are several ways to share photos with users from iOS devices. Here is a summary of the main methods from our apps along with some of the different capabilities each provides. for iOS: This is probably the first app you encountered for posting to the timeline. In addition to enabling both short- and long-form posts, this app can be used to post one or more photos from the iOS Photos app to your timeline. Start a new post and then tap the camera icon (bottom left) to add the photo. If you want to include additional photos, repeat the process of tapping the camera icon and picking a photo.

The photos will be constrained to a square aspect ratio by default. Tap the small expansion icon (bottom left) before adding the photo in order to adjust this. You can also choose from a set of built-in photo filters in the same fashion. If your post is short-form, defined as less than 280 characters, the text as well as thumbnails of the photos will appear in the timeline. If your post is long-form, the title and initial text go on the timeline and the photo is available after tapping the link to view the full post.

The share sheet: If you have the app installed you can enable a share sheet item that lets you share content from Safari, Photos, and other apps. Simply select one or more photos in the Photos app, then use the share sheet and pick An empty post with the photos attached will appear. When using the share sheet, the aspect ratio of the posted photos will be as shown in the Photos app (default to square). There are no filters available via the share sheet. Tapping a photo in the draft post will remove that photo from the post.

Sunlit: Our iOS app Sunlit is tailor-made for sharing and viewing photos on For sharing it supports two approaches. The first (bottom left in the UI, titled Timeline) is similar to posting photos to your timeline from the app. Tap the New Post button to start a post and then select one or more photos to include. Using this approach there are no filters and the photos will be displayed unaltered below the text.

Once the photos are added to the draft post you can select them individually to crop them. If you press and hold on a photo in the story draft you can re-arrange the order and the app has a field for typing in a title as well as for narrative text.

Sunlit also has a Discover tab which is great for seeing a photos-focused timeline of what other users are sharing. One nice advantage of Sunlit for viewing photos is they are shown full screen and pinch-to-zoom is supported.

Hi @manton , are photos uploaded at full resolution or does downsize/optimise images? usually downsizes photos. We assume that you still have the full resolution version stored somewhere else. There are a couple exceptions, for example GIFs uploaded from the web are not changed. But JPEGs are scaled to about 1800x1800 so they are faster to download but still look good.

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