Save posts to drafts automatically

This is pretty basic request so I’m sure it was requested before somewhere…

Is it possible to have MB autosave posts as drafts as we write them? I just lost a post (not the first time) and while I have a rule to always write the post in Emacs (which is what I use to write everything) I keep breaking this rule.

The reason to break this rule makes sense to me on MB: it’s so easy to just launch the browser and start writing, sometimes you just want to share something quick. This is why this autosave feature is more important to me here on MB. Another reason to do that is the upload image tab: it opens to a new page and what you just wrote gets wiped (if you use the option at the sidebar).

Perhaps this can be included as an option to turn on and off, and if it takes extra cycles (I don’t think so, but maybe?) perhaps this should be an option for paying accounts?

If this already exists and I’m totally missing a very obvious option, please let me know, I have a facepalm waiting :grimacing:

The behavior between clients differs here. I don’t know of any app that will autosave a draft for you, but some keep the text in the text field even if you leave the app or it crashes. I just tried in Gluon and for macOS and they will happily let you continue writing where you left off if you quit the app and open it again.

But I agree with you, caching the next post in the web client until it’s published would be a nice feature.

Agreed, the web version should handle this too. The native apps are better at this, but still don’t auto-save as you type like dedicated notes app do (Ulysses or iA Writer).

Yeah, if this wasn’t clear I did mean the web client. If I use Emacs (I know, I know…) I don’t have this problem because my stuff are saved, and it also generates the markdown for me.

But it would be nice to have especially for those quick 2-3 sentences posts that you just want to do real quick