Regarding the test blog

Never really got a workflow that used the test blog; but, I thought y’all might want to know that configuring a custom domain some time after configuring the test blog manages to break its functionality.

Update: either y’all been busy or something shook loose. Totally shows up again.

Relatedly, I reported weeks ago to @help that my test page went down, with no discernible cause beyond rapid updating.
Similarly, the search page on my Typewriter themed blog is still down.
Both are still down. Please help advise @manton !

Thought I would poke around in the typewriter theme repository. Was the search page part of the theme or was there a plugin or customization of some sort?

Looks like I’d uninstalled the plug-in for some reason:

Perhaps because I was annoyed that the white writing didn’t show up on the white search box (which I’m pretty sure I mentioned in theme GitHub issues) rendering it practically useless for visitors!
I’ve reinstalled now so at least I can use it!

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Still waiting for any word on why test blog down @manton & co!

The other reason I deleted it was for a kind of pun in my blog header:
“Warner Writes Home About The Arts And Tech” kind of reads like a sentence
“Warner Writes Home About The Arts And Tech Search” doesn’t really work as well!
So now I’m in a game of: reinstall & uninstall plugin to create Warner Writes - Search page, and when it disappears (~2 months last time) go round again! Weeeeeee! :carousel_horse: