Deleting Posts

I haven’t had this experience. It could be your page being cached by the browser. There is also a separation between the post and the timeline (sometimes you’ll want to delete a post in both places).

Well this is interesting. I did the following…

  1. Deleted ALL my posts (about 70) in two Categories. I did this from the Timeline
  2. Verified under Posts, no stories were showing.
  3. Looked at the site, EVERYTHING was still there.
  4. Went back to admin and deleted the two Categories.
  5. Site is NOW empty.

The linkage between Timeline/Posts/Categories has some weird dependencies that are not interacting well with each other.

A word to the wise. Make sure you stuff is good before you upload!

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I have a deleted post and a deleted reply that keep appearing on my blog. Sometimes if I go into 'Design" and then click on ‘Update Microblog Settings’ they go away. If I post again they tend to come back, though.

OK everyone. Weirdness continues. I have deleted ALL my replies (there were three) so NO replies showing in admin. When I look at the site all three replies are still shown when you click on replies…

I like M.b and I’m going to stay here, but for a service that is paid, I expect the admin “delete” functions to work with no issues. There are bugs here that need to be fixed. Please put the issues in this posting on the revision “todo” list!!!


As an additional suggestion. A nice feature would be to add “replace” functionality to the app API. That is, allow apps (like Ulysses) to specify “replace” in addition to the current “post” and “draft”. I would expect the post with the same title to be literally replaced, that is leave the original date/time stamp unmodified. The use case for this would be to all revision to posts in a timeline to be made without scrambling the sequence in the timeline.


This is possible, as I edit posts all the time with MarsEdit. But is likely not something Ulysses will implement. Most writing apps that allow publishing do so as a one-way operation, and do not provide functionality for post “maintenance”. MarsEdit not purely about publishing writing but actually manages your blog.

Matching on title is not sufficient, as many posts don’t have titles and titles have no guarantees to be unique. That’s why apps like MarsEdit use post ids. I strongly recommend MarsEdit.

Thank you jsonbecker, I’ll take a look at MarsEdit.

I think there is a pretty big bug somewhere that this is related too.

A few days ago I edited quite a few old posts, if I go into the posts everything is changed, yet on my life site they are all in the old state.

Nothing seems to fix this either.

A quick update on this, although I’m still looking into it. In the past there has been a delay when deleting the permalink URL for a post, but this is actually a new bug that I accidentally introduced with performance improvements several days ago. Shouldn’t take long for me to fix it and in the meantime I’ve updated @bradjadkins’s blog.

Thanks everyone.

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Good to hear as this was driving me crazy. Posts deleted from the Blog with no problems but still on the web site. It’s hosting decision day tomorrow, so good to know this’ll be fixed

Good to know it’ll get fixed. Thanks Manton.

Holler when you think you’ve corrected the behavior @manton, I noticed this issue after re-posting some stuff to pass it through to Tumblr. I want to do more of this since Tumblr is the only place I can gain any traction; but, I had hoped to be able to delete the posts after cross-posting to avoid the duplicates.

Wondering how squashing the deletion bug is coming along.

Relatedly - some pages fail to delete quickly (e.g. Search page with plugin), though in this instance I appreciate this behaviour because it allows me to do a fun hack Regarding the test blog - #6 by w4rner !! Sure @manton will appreciate me saying “don’t fix something” for once :wink:

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Glad to see this conversation (and a more recent related conversation). I had just posted to @help on the timeline on this very topic. I need to go here more. (And unfortunately, I feel like I need to, as feels a little buggy lately.)

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I believe @manton has smashed the deletion bug. He has been working hard over the last week to stabilize the platform after an update aimed at performance coughed up some unexpected issues. There are certainly some remaining, unrelated issues (none peeving me ATM) and this has turned into a great place to bring these issues into the light and draw attention (and thus help to shape’s evolution).

Just to add to this discussion with another update: I believe the delete bug has been fixed. If there had been any deleted posts that were sticking around over the last few days, they will be cleared out whenever the next new post goes through on your blog (or any other change, like saving the settings or editing a post). And going forward, deleting a post should take affect right away.

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To resurrect this thread - I have just had an example of a post that’s not deleted itself from my feed.json until I’ve gone to design and hit ‘Update Blog Settings’. Can seemingly still access the post afterward (ignore the crummy picture, playing with IFTTT)

If you click Account → View logs → Rebuild, it should make sure to clear out any older cached posts that were deleted, so the post will no longer be viewable on the web. This shouldn’t be necessary, but sounds like it missed something when a post was deleted. I’ll see if I can reproduce this.

I was just having this problem today. I did the “rebuild” action, but I had to do it twice, fwiw. Seems fixed now.