Problems migrating away from to Mastodon

First of all, thanks for implementing this feature. Early on in the heady days of my return to late last year, I migrated my Mastodon followers to, and then almost immediately decided that was a bad idea, because Mastodon is Mastodon and is and it’s best to be judicious about mixing the two. Cross-posting to Mastodon is the best way to reach Masto people–for me at least.

So I jumped on the "Migrate away… " button after seeing the announcement this morning, and entered, per the instructions that say that I should enter the account username@domain.

I got an error message that said:

“Could not find matching profile alias on Mastodon.”

That’s the first problem I encountered. I think there’s a missing character in the instructions–it should suggest entering @username@domain rather than username@domain.

When I entered I got a different error message this time:

“Error downloading Mastodon profile.”

I don’t know why is downloading my Mastodon profile when I’m migrating to Mastodon, rather than from it.

Please fix?

I’m impressed by the work you’re doing here, keeping the servers running while steadily rolling out new features.


Thanks, we’ll fix the “@” differences. That’s a bug. The first error is actually correct, but we need to add more documentation to explain how it all works. has to download information from your Mastodon profile to confirm that it’s actually yours. The “matching profile alias” error means that you need to go into your Mastodon instance preferences and add your username there as an alias. Then when you go back to and initiate the transfer, it can check that the same person owns both accounts.

Let me know if you have any other questions! This is very early, so might be couple rough spots still.

I think I successfully navigated the process, but am still seeing a potential big problem:

On the good side: The message I now see on


Your Mastodon-compatible username has moved. Followers will be moved to Mitch Wagner ( - Mastodon.

And my account is showing up as my Mastodon ID here:

However, my followers don’t seem to have moved–at least not yet. It’s been roughly 16 hours and my follower count at is exactly the same as before. Do I need to just give it more time, or has something gone wrong?

Also, another bug which I’m afraid I did not write down details on: When I got to the end of the migration process, I clicked the “go ahead do it” button and got no feedback. I wasn’t even sure I had clicked it so of course I did what you’re not supposed to do and I clicked it again. Still no feedback.

Thanks for the opportunity to test this.

Sorry, there was a bug with this that I just fixed. However, I think the local followers were stuck in a weird state. I’m trying to fix this manually for your account.

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Checking in to see if my followers have all been moved to I’m not seeing evidence that they have and I’m seeing some evidence that they have not moved and they are still following me here on

Of course I can’t tell for sure because I can’t see who is, or was, following me on from Mastodon.

Once the migration is complete, I’ll probably switch off aliasing or forwarding or whatever it’s called. At that point, anybody who wants to follow me on from Mastodon is welcome to do so.


Any word on this bug? Thanks!

I’m just going to assume the migration worked. I’ve switched off migration, so people who want to follow me directly on can do so now.