Pricing offers a balanced approach to blog hosting with the flexibility to let host a blog for you and handle everything, so that microblogging is easy, or bring your own existing blog and customize it.

Here’s how the plans work. You can create multiple microblogs for different topics or businesses. When a trial expires, it switches to the free plan.

Basics: free

  • Your own username.
  • Replying to other blog posts.
  • Add an external blog such as WordPress for posting.
  • Use the iOS and Mac apps to browse the timeline or post to supported external blogs.
  • No blog.
  • No page at

Hosted microblog: $5/month

  • All the basics.
  • Cross-posting from any blog to Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Mastodon.
  • Hosted microblog at
  • Easy posting from the web, iOS, and Mac apps.
  • Photo upload and storage at your own domain name.
  • Custom themes and CSS.
  • Map your own personal domain name to your microblog.
  • SSL for your custom domain.
  • WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium import including redirecting previous URLs. Premium: podcasting, video, and bookmarks: $10/month

  • All the hosted microblog features.
  • Bookmark archiving and highlights.
  • Hosting for podcasts. We’ll create a podcast feed for you automatically.
  • Hosting for short videos.
  • Upload size limited to 45 MB per file.

Hosted blog for teams: $20/month

  • All the hosted microblog features.
  • All the microcast and video hosting features.
  • Invite team members to post to your blog.
  • Unlimited users.

Yearly Pricing

If you already have a paid subscription, you can switch to yearly pricing here. It’s $50/year for a hosted microblog.

Thanks for supporting!

Maybe add Ghost to the list of import options?