Pricing page missing some good items

I just noticed that the Android app isn’t listed in the free or Hosted sections.

Also, Bookshelves aren’t mentioned. Maybe it’s worth adding it? You could then also highlight Epilogue, which is a nice way to represent the ethos with regard to having a stable platform + multiple apps + cross-platform capability and options.

Thinking about the other apps, there’s no sign of Sunlit or Wavelength. Since the general apps are mentioned, I think these two would also be worth highlighting there as it is further proof of the value for money. Like with Bookshelves and Epilogue, I’d say the integration between Wavelength and podcast hosting is worth highlighting.

I know that it’s important to keep the information as clear as possible. However, Manton has previously mentioned his frustration at people questioning whether is still in development and I think the pricing page is a good space in which to highlight the depth of work that goes into the platform.


Thanks, I’ll get that updated. One of the things on our to-do list is to update the pricing page with a more traditional “grid” of features too, so it’s easier to compare.

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I think the battle chart presentation of the differentiation between the tiers would be really helpful. I’m also happy to see the premium features getting more love. Between the web view change for iOS and the bookmarks night mode change, I’m spending quite a bit of time in the app.