Podcast RSS feed includes all posts?

Is this normal that the RSS feed for Podcast (like in here: Thoughts & Tribulations of a Compulsive Creator) returns all posts, not only the one with an audio file attachment?

No, that’s not how the podcast feed is implemented. I only see one item in the feed you provided. Could it be that you temporarily had a custom theme that overrode the default podcast feed template?

I’m using @Mtt theme… not sure what I should conclude…
Update: after checking the custom theme, no, the default is still in place.

Hmm, I’m not sure I’m following… :thinking: Here’s a preview of the RSS file content with two items. Is that what you see too? Or do you see more than two items?

Update… Here’s what it looks like in my feed reader:

See the following attachment:

Another example, from Ionoreader, trying to add Numeric Citizen Blog

Aha, thanks, the mystery is probably solved. Looks like you have provided a different URL to Inoreader than the one you posted at the thread start: https://blog.numericcitizen.me/podcast.xml/feed. Notice the /feed at the end.

That URL redirects to the main feed (https://blog.numericcitizen.me/feed.xml) and that’s why you see all posts. The reason for this is documented in the Help Contents:

To help migrate from another blog, Micro.blog will redirect any missing file ending in .xml to your default feed. It will also redirect WordPress-style feed URLs such as /feed.

Try removing the feed from Inoreader, add the correct URL (https://blog.numericcitizen.me/podcast.xml) and hopefully your view will look a lot more like my screenshot. :blush:

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You’re my hero of the week! thanks so much!
Update: strangely enough, Inoreader and Reeder have problem with the Thoughts & Tribulations of a Compulsive Creator URL but Feedbin & NetNewsWire are ok with it! PodcastConnect also is ok with the official podcast feed. God knows why.

It might be because the feed does not strictly validate. That’s not your fault, it should be handled by Micro.blog. But just to confirm my theory, try removing the & from the podcast’s name. For example, change it into Thoughts and Tribulations of a Compulsive Creator.

Then wait for the blog to rebuild and add the feed to Inoreader again.

Will do. Thanks!

Works great now, except the many warnings I get from the w2.validator tool… will keep looking into this tomorrow!

The remaining warnings need to be fixed in the RSS layout. I’ve created an issue for this and intend to get rid of those errors and warnings.

But even if the feed does not strictly validate, my guess is that it should work in most podcast players anyway. I successfully added your podcast to Apple Podcasts and Overcast just now.

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My changes to the podcast.xml template are now live in production. If you rebuild your site, @numericcitizen, most, if not all, validation warnings and errors should go away.

Thanks @sod! I can confirm the errors went away on my podcast feed.

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Oh, will try that!