Redirects can redirect some common URLs for you, and has the option to create additional redirects using pages. will automatically handle the following redirects:

  • To help migrate from another blog, will redirect any missing file ending in .xml to your default feed. It will also redirect WordPress-style feed URLs such as /feed.
  • When importing from WordPress, Tumblr, or Ghost, will keep track of the original URLs used. will automatically redirect these URLs to the new URLs on (Your custom domain name must be the same for this to work.)

If you need to add more redirects, you can create a new page on your site: Posts → Pages → New Page. In the text contents, enter the full URL to redirect to:

After creating the page, you can edit it to change the path for the URL from the default. Click on the page and look for the “Edit” button in the corner:

Screenshot of Edit button

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