Password Protected Posts/Categories

I am looking to have a password protected section of my site (ideally a full “category”), where the posts within that category would be delisted, unaccessible till the user puts in the password.

Anyone know if does this?

Thank you,
​John Marc

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This is not supported.

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just as same as facebook~

This would be nice. I also wish I could password protect a single page.

I don’t know if this is something @manton is planning to add support for or not. But in any case, if you’re okay with rolling your own solution and depend on client-side JavaScript, it’s definitely doable.

A password-protected posts and pages plug-in for has been on my looong some time/maybe-list for a while. Unfortunately, my days have too few hours in them. :blush:

If you want to research this yourself, “password protected static site” or “password protected Hugo posts” are good phrases to start you off. StatiCrypt is one solution.