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I have the following question. Searching on it seems to be a repeating one. However I don’t quite understand it.

I am confused about the issue of

a) vs.


a is free and b is paid.

  1. The app for iOS or Android, is it for the first one? The second? Both?

  2. Last January 14 I made a post on my blog (from and in, which has among its feeds the blog mentioned above, the full post was seen. It was not restricted in number of characters, why does this happen?

Thank you very much!

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  1. Both: you can use it to update your paid hosted blog (b) and use the free social network features (a) like following other people and have conversations. You can also use the app to post to blogs hosted elsewhere, like a Wordpress blog.

  2. Because the full post is less than 280 characters. The timeline display rules are described here.

Thanks Sod!

About 2, the post is about 380 characters:

That’s why I don’t understand.

When I visit your timeline on that post is truncated as expected:

Ok, perfect.


  1. on there is no limit on the number of characters?

  2. On the text before the link is the one of the title? nexto a H1?

  1. Correct.
  2. Yes.

Great! Got it. Thanks for your patience and help :blush::+1:t4:

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