"Own replies" to crossposted content?

Alls, another maybe stupid question: Back in the days of using Mastodon, I then and now ended up in posting “threads of thoughts” (…) that would start out with a single post which I by then would add children throughout days or weeks, for stuff that loosely related to the original post or pushed a particular idea further. I see I can reply to myself in micro.blog which would help doing something like that, but are replies like this crossposted to other services too? Or will they remain local-only?
Thanks very much and best regards,

Replies are not cross-posted to other services. Micro.blog treats replies as their own thing, different than many social networks like Mastodon where posts and replies aren’t really different.

We don’t have a great solution for threads like that currently. There has been a lot of discussion about how to make them fit with Micro.blog. For example, when replying maybe they could be appended to the original blog post so that it feels more cohesive. Right now there’s nothing like that, so you’d need to manually cross-post if needed.

Ok, thought so, no issue. Just out of curiosity, before trying out: Do we import such replies, say, from a Mastodon / ActivityPub source?