Hashtag navigation?

Slightly related to "Own replies" to crossposted content? - #3 by z428 , different approach, similar use case: I get why micro.blog doesn’t support hashtags or “trending” tags. However, coming mainly from a Tumblr background as far as this feature is concerned, I always loved hashtags as adding another way of “flow” through ones own writings, a flow that somehow differs from the (reverse) chronological order and allows for reading (or telling) stories intertwined, continuing a piece of thought or idea whenever this seems fit.
Hashtags are the other reason why I still keep my “external” blog and just import posts to micro.blog, as this way, I can read through my own urban escapism | status flow and come up with things that, though not chronologically related, still relate in a mood kind of way somehow.
Pondered categories for that in micro.blog, but am unsure as it seems slightly different and also limited to having a post in one single category. Are there any other options for a “tag-like” sorting in micro.blog, or am I just likely to stay with my current setup for that…?

You can add as many categories as you want to a post. Hugo itself supports both tags and categories but they are effectively identical and underneath are just different names for a “term” associated with a post.

You could display as many categories as you want, under every post, and even put a # in front of them, and have them link to the category feeds that are automatically made for categories.

The only limitation is they are not useful on the Micro.blog social network feed for anything/exposed there or exposed through cross posting.

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Ah, learnt something new again, thanks for pointing me there. Seems pretty much what I want here, I’m not really interested in using these in the social network feed, it’s just supposed to structure my very own stuff and even that mostly for myself.

<ul id="categories">
  {{ range .Params.categories }}
    <li><a href="{{ "/categories/" | relLangURL }}{{ . | urlize }}">#{{ . }}</a> </li>
  {{ end }}

Something like this when you render a post should work.

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Looks good. Thanks. (Haven’t been digging into customizing micro.blog that much so far, as I still keep that stuff externally in the first stage, but definitely seems worthwile…)

I strongly recommend learning the basics of Hugo if you have a lot of customization desires. It’s incredibly powerful, and something like 95% of what you can do with Hugo you can do on Micro.blog.

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I’ve briefly been playing around with hugo ages ago, before I eventually learnt that this kind of tooling didn’t work for me back then. Seems with micro.blog it definitely makes sense to dig deeper into that again. Thanks again.:slightly_smiling_face: