Notes launch questions

Today we launched a new feature: notes in For an intro, see my blog post here. We’ll be publishing more documentation today.

There’s an update to the Mac app: version 3.1, with a new Notes option in the sidebar. It also supports switching between multiple notebooks, although you’ll need to create new notebooks on the web.

There’s also a brand new iOS app: Strata. You can find it in the App Store, and the Android version will follow in Google Play later. The app is open source on GitHub already. The goal with Strata was to have a quick way to start a new note or edit a note from your phone, without clicking through menus in

Make sure you get started on the web. That will set things up so that you can then go back and use the native apps if you want to.

There are some handy keyboard shortcuts on the web too:

  • n: start a new note (when the note list is shown)
  • command-return: save a note (control key on windows)

Any questions? This thread will be a good place to jump in if you run into any problems, or email

Had to do some sleuthing, so here’s the link to the iOS app:
Strata for

Is it intentional to have it start with two identically-named notebooks?

I’m not (presently) a Premium subscriber. When I launch version 3.1 on macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 I see a Notes section in the sidebar in the app. When I click it, the app just crashes.

Follow-on question, how do I know which notebook a new note is going to be added to (or which notebook a note resides in)? Doesn’t appear to be a selection or indicator:

but my test note showed up in the first notebook

Ok, think I’ve answered my own question about “what notebook it is going in”:

It’s in the dropdown (just non-obvious due to duplicate names):

Seems it should be more prominent what notebook you are in, both while on the list page and while in the “new note” / “note editing” page, where it doesn’t seem to show at all.

Note: the mobile app does show (when creating or editing a note) which you are in (just not while editing note).

Oops, having two duplicate notebooks is not intentional. Click on Settings and delete the extra one. I’ll look into how that happened. Thanks!

Oops, thanks for letting us know. I’ll fix that. It is not supposed to show the Notes in the sidebar except for Premium subscribers.

Got the update and everything works as expected. Thanks!

Mac app crashes when I click on the notes tab.

Do you mind sending me one of the crash reports to Should be in /Users/your-user/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.

Where does Strata check for the key in iCloud Drive?

Downloaded the key and want to move it to the proper subdirectory for cross-device syncing. (Am getting Authentication errors when trying to save the key to iCloud from the browser)


As with @rom, I keep getting authentication errors when I try to save the key to iCloud using Safari.

Does it pop up a window to sign into your Apple ID? Curious how far it’s getting.

As for iCloud Drive, it doesn’t use that. It saves it to iCloud private storage, so there’s no way to set it manually.

The iCloud support is optional, though. Another way to set things up on iOS is to download Strata and then use the camera app to scan the QR code from the web or Mac app.

I think I’ve solved a few more of these issues. There’s a new Mac app available, version 3.1.2. Thanks!

Probably not the place for it…but if we’re on the “Standard” plan and want to upgrade to " Premium", how does that work if we’re on the yearly plan, especially if we’re more than halfway through until our plan renews?

When upgrading, it should prorate the price change, so essentially you will only be charged the difference for the remaining period. So if you are halfway through the yearly plan, it should add $5 to your invoice to account for the rest of the year, then resume at $10.

Sometimes we see glitches where it doesn’t charge anything until the end of the year, so if you see any problems, let me know.

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Just wondering if there will eventually be a way to use a key generated from another browser client.

Yesterday, when I went to try out Notes at work, I got asked to generate a key (key 1). I made a note, then deleted it. Then, while at home, I got asked to generate a different key (key 2). I made a note and saved it. Then, this morning at work, I went to Notes again and the note I made at home wasn’t there, probably because it was using key 1.

I manage to work around it by replacing key 1 with key 2 in the Browser’s local storage through the dev tools. So I didn’t loose anything. But I’m just wondering if this has been considered.

Thanks, I’ll fix this. I think (incorrectly) assumes that when you have no notes yet, that the feature hasn’t been set up yet, which probably contributed to this getting messed up after you deleted the first note. What it should do is prompt for the key so you can copy it.

I know the keys are confusing and I think there’s more we can do to make it more seamless. Syncing with iCloud is a first step, and maybe we do that with Google too for anyone on Android or work computers.

It does. I get the popup, and go through the touch ID stuff, then it goes to a page that says authentication error and doesn’t move forward, but kicks me back to the Notes page.