New posts with IFTTT

Copying posts into a hosted microblog.

If you have multiple blogs, hosted on or elsewhere, you can add each RSS or JSON feed to your account by clicking Account → Edit Feeds & Cross-posting. Any posts in those feeds will be added to the timeline, and anyone following you will see those posts.

Other times you might maintain an external blog (such as on WordPress) and want those posts to be copied automatically to your blog at You can use a service like IFTTT or Zapier to copy the posts from an RSS feed and then post them to your account via the Micropub API.


  1. Start by creating a new applet.
  2. For the “if this” part of the applet, add an RSS feed trigger. Enter your WordPress RSS feed URL, usually
  3. For the “then that” part of the applet, search for “Webhooks” and add the “Make a new request” action.
  4. In the URL, enter Set the method to POST and the content-type to application/x-form-url-encoded.
  5. In the body, paste in this example:

Replace ABCDEF with a app token. You can generate a new app token for IFTTT under Account → Edit Apps on on the web.

Now when the applet runs, it will take the latest posts from your external blog’s RSS feed and send them to as new posts.

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Hooray! Hey posts incoming.

Looks like some other things probably need to be edited to make it work.

This: Friday: Good Reads

Vs this on m.b:

(Note: I’ve removed the angle brackets from the action, but it looks like it’s more than that that is an issue.)

Maybe instead of name being FeedTitle, it should be EntryTitle?

You’re right. It’s been a while since I tested this, but it does appear that EntryTitle makes much more sense here.

After those fixes, we’re closer. It looks like the only problem left is cutting off the entry. Is there a length limit? Or could this be related to the incoming feed/RSS? How would we debug?

Looked at the IFTTT logs. Looks like it cutoff/broke when it encountered an ampersand in the web request. E.g.:

(“collected” is where the post ended)

Yep, definitely related to parsing special characters with the way the encoding & escaping is running. This time cut off at a quote:

Going to try the triple angle brackets around the EntryContent.


Here’s the amended code for the last block, in case anybody wants to use it:

access_token=YOURTOKENHERE&content=<<<{{EntryContent}}<br><hr><i>Originally posted at <a href="{{EntryUrl}}">Hey World</a></i>>>>&name={{EntryTitle}}

You can take off that link at the end:


So really the difference is to use triple instead of double angle brackets and to use EntryTitle.