Attempts to Webhook through IFTTT keep getting 400 response

I am attempting to use IFTTT to cross-post from Instagram as ownyourgram apparently stopped working (or is blocked).

My IFTTT “recipe” is POST to as content-type application/x-form-url-encoded (per this article ) with the following body:


I have tried this with two angle brackets surrounding each element, with three, with none, and the only feedback IFTTT gives is: “Action Failure Message: Your server returned a 400. Unable to make web request to {url}” It’s a bit difficult to test something that requires me to make a new post to trigger it.

Am I misunderstanding the process or requirements? Is this feature not allowed (or possibly the “EmbedCode” is not allowed)? I wish I could quit Insta but that’s where friends and family are, and I similarly wish I could just grab the photo and caption.

Thanks for any help or direction to other resources!

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I decided to disable the IFTTT applet and manually post to both Instagram and I am still interested in automating this, if possible, so if anyone has any advice or other resources that would be great.

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I’m facing the same issue.

A working example is posted here.