New emoji categories: intros, environment

Based on suggestions from the community, we are planning to add two more emoji categories:

  • :wave: for introductions and welcome posts

  • :earth_africa::earth_asia::earth_americas: for environment, ecology, and climate change

We’d love to hear any thoughts from you all before we implement these, planned for the end of this week. (August 18)

(Today I learned: Discourse subject lines are limited to using 1 emoji. :rofl:)


more emojis = good stuffs.

will the three globes be actually three globes, denoting all of those topics as the three emojis in a row?


Can you just clarify about the globe emojis? Can we use any one of the three globes for anything about environment, ecology, and climate change or all three, as @jacksactual asked?

I’m pleased to see a globe option that centres my part of the world. :grinning:

I’d assume it’s any of the three, as having multiples would just be confusing. @jacksactual @jean

Yes, to confirm: any of the three globes would work.


Yay! It’s great to see the welcome emoji. I wonder if this could also be a useful link to promote in relevant parts of the timeline, making it easier for anybody to welcome new people into the community.

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We are planning to include replies in the emoji categories. Up until now, we only include original posts that have the emoji. So a reply from meI (or anyone else) welcoming a new person and using :wave: would appear in the emoji timeline, even if the original poster, who probably won’t know about emoji categories, didn’t use it. I’ll also put a note in the Getting Started documentation to alert people.

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@Miraz @jacks Thanks for bringing that up for clarification. I’m thankful that the earth is a 3D object for many reasons, but it does introduce a level of complexity to using the globe as a symbol. We have other emoji categories that have more than one option for which emoji to choose, in particular the ones where there are gender options.

If we do use the globe as an emoji in Discover, I recommend using one where Africa is centered. After all, it’s the cradle of civilization.


We might be able to randomize which globe is shown, at least in some places in the apps.

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What will the urls be? asking for a friend. :wink:

URLs will be /discover/intros and /discover/environment. We’ll officially roll this out on Friday because it takes a little while for to start adding posts to these sections.

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Was glad to see this but 8 days later and it doesn’t seem to show much. 8 posts? I believe I’ve made at least 2 posts in the past week but neither shows up.

You’re right, it doesn’t seem to be finding all posts yet. I’m looking into this.

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Those discovery categories are working but they are not listed in the help document

:information_source: Emoji in Discover - Documentation - Help Center

That above page is linked to from the UI, so shouldn’t it have a complete overview? @jean

I’m new to the scene. Loving this space! Thanks to those who keep it running. I was looking for the environment :earth_asia:and intros :wave:in the discover drop down menu. It doesn’t appear to be in the catalogue.

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Welcome! You’re right, I don’t think we ever linked up a couple of the new emoji topics. I’ll get that fixed, thanks!