Emoji in Discover

Micro.blog doesn’t currently have hashtags. We are using emoji as a way to automatically collect posts together. Manton has blogged more about this.

Micro.blog user @burk also maintains a separate list with new emoji suggestions from the community.

The following topics work a little differently. They are either curated manually (photos), automatically collected from keywords (Micro Monday recommendations, Inktober, NaNoWriMo), or set from embedded audio tags in a post (podcasts):

Topic Emoji URL
Photos :camera: micro.blog/discover/photos
Podcasts :studio_microphone: micro.blog/discover/podcasts
Micro Monday “Micro Monday” micro.blog/discover/micromonday
Inktober “Inktober” micro.blog/discover/inktober
NaNoWriMo “NaNoWriMo” micro.blog/discover/nanowrimo

So ⑴ your emojis definitely did not survive the transition … and 🄑 as a guy dead set against embracing the emoji aesthetic, I have been curious whether embedding hidden emojis would trigger collection. One assumes this would work so long as I keep away from my timeline so as not to see them.