Discover areas and emoji

I understand that the inclusion of an emoji populates some feeds are populated based on the emoji included in the post, while a few others are curated in different ways.

But I don’t get, for example, the “Quotes” Discover feed: few to none of the items contain the emoji as I would expect based on the help page. How is this feed created?

Is there any complete documentation of the criteria that results in posts going into different Discover feeds?

It would be great to know, in the same vein, the complete list of emoji that can be used for the same category (for instance, the help page says this is the “bread” emoji: :bread: – but it appears this one, at least, also works: :baguette_bread:?

Is this what you’re looking for? Emoji in Discover

No, I linked to that in my question :slight_smile:

That page is supposed to link the alternate emojis (and does in some places) but looks like it doesn’t for :bread:.

The “quotes” page is for posts that contain a block quote. That was kind of an experiment and I think we can do more with it.

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Got it. It would be cool to have the docs complete, though obviously not a high priority.

I guessed the Quotes feed was based on the presence of a block quote, but then I was thinking about the tools that make it easy to create an image of a quote and wondering if those would find their way into that feed, which I couldn’t find an example of.

I’ll update the docs. Interesting question about an “image of a quote”… No, we don’t have any way of detecting that. For accessibility I don’t generally recommend screenshots of text anyway.

Fair enough, but I think there are compelling arguments for such things in some circumstances (though of course fitted with appropriate alt text, or accompanying text, which could just be in the form of a blockquote I suppose)…I mean, typography and design exist for a reason :slight_smile: (and I’m thinking more about artistically composed images, not supposedly convenient screen caps).

Yeah, maybe there should be a convention for “tagging” image quotes so that could understand it? Definitely alt text is the first step.

The “tag” could be as simple as including the quote emoji, perhaps.

Oh, you’re right! Actually I think including :speech_balloon: already works. I’ll check that.