Monthly newsletter format like weekly?

I saw @MitchWagner’s request for a daily newsletter frequency. I have a different request related to newsletter frequency.

I’d like an option to send a monthly newsletter that collects all short microblog posts and long posts just like the weekly, instead of a monthly newsletter for only posts in one category.

We could add an “Any category” option for monthly emails. I think I was originally thinking it would include too many posts, but of course everyone’s blog is different, so we shouldn’t assume.


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I finished looking at this and expect the change to roll out tomorrow. (The daily option is still in progress but requires a few more changes to the UI before we can release it.)


Posting in this thread instead of making a new thread. The text I added to Intro to include at the top of this newsletter never made it through to the mailed newsletter

Hey, @manton. Do you still plan to roll this out soon? I’d love for this to be an option before Sunday, so I’m not sending out another tiny weekly newsletter. Thanks.

Yes, it should be there now!

Great! Next question: Which day of the month is it going to send on?

Hi @manton. Which day of the month will my next newsletter send on?

Monthly emails are sent on the 1st of the month, 9am in your time zone.

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Could this information be available some way in the UI? For each type, even, since it currently says you can edit for 30 minutes beforehand but there is no point of reference; 30 minutes from now? 30 minutes from 1am? From 3pm? It’s a mystery.

It’s good that we get the “Scheduled” message, and having the info on the page would only make that better. It could even include a note about the scheduled message itself, a nice little reminder for folks to check their inbox for that message.