Daily newsletter frequency?

I’ve been hosting a newsletter on MailChimp for a few years and I’d much rather host on micro.blog. My newsletter goes out daily—is that a frequency option for MB? If not, is it something you’re considering?

A newsletter for every post seems like too often, and weekly and monthly would be too infrequent. Daily is just right for me and my massive newsletter community (approximately two dozen people—I’m sure the folks at the New York Times are trembling at my expansive reach).


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Daily is not currently an option. That’s a good suggestion, I think we can add it.

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Daily is a better option than individual emails for only macro posts.

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I’m not sure it’s better or worse. It’s a different thing. What is clear since we’ve launched this is that everyone has different goals (I personally wouldn’t want more often than weekly) so more settings are helpful.

Not sure about that. I am thinking from the perspective of the person receiving the newsletter. For e.g., my (now-late) mother. She enjoyed reading my posts but could never remember to visit my blog daily let alone navigate a RSS reader. But a daily email of my posts she could do. Email is evergreen and the most basic feature of the Internet. Everyone knows how to use it.

Now I may or may not want to exclude micro posts but if I did exclude, those daily emails would go out only on days that have a macro post. On the days, there are multiple macro posts, there is still one email instead of multiple since it’s now a routine for her to expect one email a day. Anything more would disrupt it.

If I know she’s reading, it would motivate me to write at least one macro post a day or choose to include my micro post (while being aware that my mom is reading too). Too bad more social media sites don’t allow for such an option (why would they? It means one less user on their platform).

I’m pragmatic. I’ve been doing my daily newsletter for years. It has a couple of dozen subscribers, who seem to like it.

The most popular part of my blogging and social media activity is the memes, vintage ads and photos and other found media. I’m OK with that. I just started doing that on micro.blog, in addition to Facebook and Tumblr, where I’ve been sharing that stuff for years.