Micro.blog Premium

Micro.blog Premium is our $10/month subscription that adds podcasting, video hosting, email newsletters, bookmarks, and highlighting. You can upgrade under the Plans link in Micro.blog.

Archive the contents of bookmarked web pages. A special reader interface for highlighting text. You can quickly create a new blog post from highlights in Micro.blog.

Read bookmarked web pages and make highlights. Watch a 3-minute video tour.

Email newsletters. Your readers can subscribe to receive emails when you post to your blog. Send email for full-length blog posts or have Micro.blog collect a week or month of posts together into one email.

Configure email to subscribers. Collect microblog posts into weekly or monthly emails.

Start your own podcast. Everyone has a story to tell. With a microcast you can share what you’re working on, discuss current events, or just record a few minutes about a topic for friends to listen to.

Download our iPhone app Wavelength to record, edit, and publish directly to Micro.blog. Or upload from the web.

Hosting for short videos. You can upload videos from the web, or from Micro.blog for iOS, macOS, and our companion app for photos, Sunlit. Videos will appear on your web site and in the timeline for anyone following you on Micro.blog.

Micro.blog-hosted sites include themes, cross-posting to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium, short or long posts, and custom domain names. When you upload an audio file, Micro.blog will add it to a podcast feed that can be registered with the Apple Podcast Directory or subscribed to in popular apps like Overcast, Castro, and Pocket Casts.

Hosted microcasts are short, usually 5-10 minutes or less. There’s a 45 MB upload limit per podcast episode or video upload.

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