Micro.blog 3 on iOS 12

After a long time on a previous, working version (I believe 2.x), last night my iOS 12 device downloaded a Micro.blog update to version 3 (in particular version 3.0.3).

The new version doesn’t look compatible with my old OS:

  • most icons are missing
  • cannot tap images to zoom
  • cannot tap profile pictures to view profiles
  • cannot slide left to read conversations

The lack of icons is particularly troubling, as I now have to tap hoping to hit invisible buttons :frowning:

Any suggestions on how to fix this, or revert to a 2.x version?

Thank you!

I don’t think that “swipe left to read conversation” made it to 3.0.3. I can’t do that either. Regarding the other problems, have you tried signing out and in again?

If there is a Sign out button, I can’t see it :sweat_smile:

I tried re-installing the app though, and the issues remain.

Swipe left isn’t really needed as a shortcut anymore because a single tap now views the conversation. For the other issues… I haven’t seen those but that definitely sounds wrong, and I agree with the idea of signing out.

Do you see a profile icon in the upper-left of the screen? If not, does it appear if you tap one of the tabs and then back to the main timeline? That’s where the Sign Out option is.

Hi @manton :wave:
Thanks for having a look at this.

I have tried reinstalling, and singing in / out / in again, but the lack of icons remains, including in the profile menu.

Tapping on a message has no effect unfortunately. Links, permalinks and the Reply button work fine. Double tapping zooms in and out.

Thanks for trying to sign out again. I only realized after you posted this screenshot that the icons are missing because some of them require iOS 13 and later. The old app might’ve had fallbacks for earlier versions of iOS.

That doesn’t explain the profile icon missing, though. We’ll have to dig into this some more.

Not sure if it’s possible at this point, but what about leaving iOS 12.x behind on the 2.x series? Older devices (7 years, I think?) would enjoy fewer features, but also fewer issues. And you’d have less trouble pushing forward for everyone else.

(There might be a trade off in the back-end, about supporting an older API, so it might not be better than the current upgrade strategy :sweat_smile: )

It might be too late now that we’ve already released 3.0. In theory, if a new version of an app isn’t available for an older device, the App Store will let you download the previous version. But I don’t know if it’s possible to force that to happen as a user.

I can confirm that the store lets you download the most recent version compatible with the OS version — having this device on 12.x I see the option often. But I don’t think you can forcefully “pull back” a release.

Changing the compatibility for 3.0.3 would however stop the automatic update, meaning anyone who is still on 2.x would be left on that series, and anyone re-installing would also get the 2.x version.