Debugging micropub setup

After recent adventures re-installing the app, I went to register my Micropub-enabled blog as a publishing target.

My homepage points to IndieAuth

  <link rel="authorization_endpoint" href="">
  <link rel="token_endpoint" href="">

which in turn relies on GitHub for authentication. The setup works well with various software that understands Micropub — which in the past included :sweat_smile:

Trying on iOS 3.0.3 (build 208), after approving access on GitHub, I get a modal which reads “Sorry, something went wrong setting up your Micropub endpoint. Please try again.”

Alas, no luck trying again. Last time I logged successfully I was still on 2.3.

Any logs or ways to get more details about this error?

Unfortunately there probably aren’t any good logs that would help debug this. Any chance when it redirects from GitHub that you still can see the URL in Safari that it tries to open before going back to the app? If so and you don’t mind sharing that via email that might provide a clue. I expect something has changed with the params we’re expecting from

I couldn’t get the address via Safari, but I was able to copy the starting URL in the auth journey, and continue on a desktop browser and log requests there.

I’ll send them by email :+1:

Hey @manton, could you confirm if you received my email last week? Any more details that I can collect?

Yep, I got it and I’m reviewing the URLs you sent. Thanks!

Hi @manton, any luck with this issue? Any way I can help?

Hello again @manton :wave:
I understand if the IndieAuth issue has low priority, but could you give me a vague idea of where it sits? I’ve been unable to post via for more than a month :frowning_face:

If I know a fix is not on the horizon, I can try to come up with auth alternatives.
Re-tested today, I continue to see the problem on both iOS 12.5.7 and 15.6.

Thank you!

Sorry, no luck yet. I got your email and replied last month, but then the debugging work on this stalled. I’m adding a note for us to make sure to address this in 3.2.1. There are a few bug fixes that weren’t included in 3.2, which should be out next week.

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Hello again!
I’ve installed the most recent iOS version, but when I try to configure posting to my Micropub endpoint, three errors pop up on top of each other :sweat_smile:

From the top of the stack — probably in reverse chronological order:

  • Sorry, we could not find the XML-RPC endpoint or Micropub API for your weblog.
  • An error occured trying to connect. Please try again.
  • Whoops, an error occured trying to connect. Please try again.

Triple checked: no issues authenticating on Quill.

I’m struggling with the same errors (using on my personal blog). Can I help with the debugging?

I am able to get the desktop mac OS version of the client working though, so I’m assuming it’s an issue with the iOS client!

Still no luck for me either, getting the same errors I saw in October. I’ve basically stopped using the iOS app, but happy to help investigating this!

Wanted to chime in here as I’m also running into this.

Apart from it being disappointing that you have to log into the iOS app with a account (which I sort of understand but if user capture is the goal, just let me pay for the app), it’s seems the app is picky about where you stick your <link rel="authorization_endpoint"… etc, in that I guess the app expects them to be directly within the <head></head> block. I managed to get past the triple error message by shoving the links as far up in my head block as made sense.

That being said, I get as far as getting through the auth handshake and then get the “Sorry, something went wrong setting up your micropub endpoint. Please try again.” thrown again. All I see server side are a bunch of GET requests, one with a /?v=1710475200000 URL param and after auth a burst of regular GET requests without any URL params or other headers (though, notably, one of the requests is made with a User-Agent string of just Ruby).

As others have stated, I am able to auth and post via other client and validate through

Any chance we can get comprehensive documentation about what the iOS client expects to find when it’s using a micropub compliant site?

Looking at the source code, that error message is thrown on lines 145, 189, and 197 in the file Services.js. You might get some ideas of what’s going wrong by studying the code surrounding those lines.

Just wanted to chime in that user capture is not the goal with requiring sign in. It’s just that there are a lot of features that require, and it will be difficult to untangle them so that it can be Micropub-only with the other features hidden.

I’m taking another look at this. This used to work but something broke when we rewrote the app.

So after some debugging on my end, I’m not sure if this is necessary a bug in the ios client or the indieauth tokens endpoint.

microblog-react/src/api/MicroPubApi.js at 0ac479abfb560b42fed39deb043c58354598b000 · microdotblog/microblog-react · GitHub If I drop the encodeURIComponent and send the auth_code raw, the verification succeeds.

Looking at the spec, IndieAuth I don’t see anything about encoding enforcement but logically, you’d expect the fields in x-www-url-form-urlencoded requests to be url encoded so :person_shrugging:

I also came across indieauth issue #44 (can’t post more than two links as a “new user”) which seems to suggest that this auth flow is deprecated?

I’m also not a JS dev so I could be completely off base here but I can at least reproduce this. Not sure if I should open this as a bug report on microblog-react or send a report to indieauth or ???

Going to look into this more to see if there’s an errant double URIencode somewhere

Hi - chiming in as another WordPress user running into these issues. I’ve recently been setting up a new MacBook and re-adding on my iPhone: like @byjp, I can connect fine via the MacOS client, but when trying to set my own blog’s URL on iOS I see the three-error stack that @dreadnaut mentioned on 10/11/23. Basic troubleshooting (e.g., hitting the /xmlrpc.php WP endpoint, poking around don’t show any obvious (to me) problems.

Looking forward to any forthcoming info on this thread. Thanks!