Debugging micropub setup

After recent adventures re-installing the app, I went to register my Micropub-enabled blog as a publishing target.

My homepage points to IndieAuth

  <link rel="authorization_endpoint" href="">
  <link rel="token_endpoint" href="">

which in turn relies on GitHub for authentication. The setup works well with various software that understands Micropub — which in the past included :sweat_smile:

Trying on iOS 3.0.3 (build 208), after approving access on GitHub, I get a modal which reads “Sorry, something went wrong setting up your Micropub endpoint. Please try again.”

Alas, no luck trying again. Last time I logged successfully I was still on 2.3.

Any logs or ways to get more details about this error?

Unfortunately there probably aren’t any good logs that would help debug this. Any chance when it redirects from GitHub that you still can see the URL in Safari that it tries to open before going back to the app? If so and you don’t mind sharing that via email that might provide a clue. I expect something has changed with the params we’re expecting from

I couldn’t get the address via Safari, but I was able to copy the starting URL in the auth journey, and continue on a desktop browser and log requests there.

I’ll send them by email :+1:

Hey @manton, could you confirm if you received my email last week? Any more details that I can collect?

Yep, I got it and I’m reviewing the URLs you sent. Thanks!

Hi @manton, any luck with this issue? Any way I can help?

Hello again @manton :wave:
I understand if the IndieAuth issue has low priority, but could you give me a vague idea of where it sits? I’ve been unable to post via for more than a month :frowning_face:

If I know a fix is not on the horizon, I can try to come up with auth alternatives.
Re-tested today, I continue to see the problem on both iOS 12.5.7 and 15.6.

Thank you!

Sorry, no luck yet. I got your email and replied last month, but then the debugging work on this stalled. I’m adding a note for us to make sure to address this in 3.2.1. There are a few bug fixes that weren’t included in 3.2, which should be out next week.

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