Markdown import

Importing a folder of Markdown files.

In addition to importing from WordPress, Medium, and other blogging platforms, you can upload a ZIP file containing multiple Markdown files to your blog. Click Posts → Import. supports several frontmatter fields:

  • title
  • date
  • categories
  • tags
  • draft (true or false)
  • url

While mostly ignores the file structure in the ZIP file, it will notice if some of your Markdown files are in a folder called “drafts” and make those drafts in

The ZIP file cannot be larger than 75 MB.


Do not include any photos in the ZIP file. will look for img tags (or Markdown image references) and attempt to download those images to store with your blog. Make sure to add your domain name when importing if the image references do not use absolute URLs.

I assume categories are mapped to categories, what happens to tags? Ignored?

Both categories and tags are mapped to categories in