Markdown import yaml frontmatter and options

The previous markdown import topic was closed, yet there are is a nuance importing posts with this method. First, I strongly suggest to allow the option not to import images, such my images files linked inside markdown files are already properly named and hosted on image server, and I want to keep them there, but uploads em and create a second version of each post rewriting the links, I’ll have to manually revert the version or edit the links on (my site.

Second, more important, it’s not obvious which YAML front matter syntax is allowed for the purpose of multiple tags or categories. This, using tag: [one, two] creates new categories with the “[” bracket. But using a separate line for each tag or category is completely ignored. It would be helpful to specify the syntax and perhaps go along with Jekyll or Blot in syntax, hence they are likely being used to import from…

Lastly, it’s not evident what the “domain name” field is about when uploading the zip file, as it’s editable and not the strict drop-down choice.

Thanks, this is good feedback. Our YAML processing is sort of hand-rolled to accommodate some systems which aren’t exactly YAML, but we really need to switch to a more strict/correct YAML parser.

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